Thursday, September 6, 2018

CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Price Skyrockets After Backward Compatibility

On August 28th, 2018 Microsoft added backward compatibility for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox One.

The number of units sold on eBay increased 11,500% that day to 254 complete in box units sold.

As the supply on eBay dropped the price started increasing. Prices went from an average of $4 before the announcement to $12.77 today.

Unit sales have since cooled down, but they are still roughly 8x higher per day then before the announcement.

Microsoft said Modern Warfare 2 was their top backward compatibility request. The sales numbers show just how popular it was. Maybe Activision should re-release the game at retail, but I'm sure they don't want nine year old game canabalizing sales of Black Ops 4?

Source: The units sold come from eBay sales records and the values come from PriceCharting historic prices for Modern Warfare 2. New and disc only versions were excluded to standardize price comparison on different days.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Added All PAL PS1 & PAL PS3 Games

We've added all of the PAL (European) Playstation 1 and PAL Playstation 3 games to the site.

We have values and images for more than 90% of these games at this time with more to follow as we see sales data.

You can see prices for rare PAL exclusives like Yattaman, Rapid Reload and Hellnight.

Learn more about PAL exclusives you might want to try out with this video courtesy of MetalJesus

The Playstation 3 has it's share of PAL exclusives too and some of them are pretty valuable as well (like Ra.One). A few are more valuable in PAL then they are in NTSC region (No More Heroes and Legend of Heroes)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Wishlist Feature on PriceCharting

We've added a Wishlist feature to PriceCharting.

You can add and remove video games from your wishlist with one click on any game page, browse by console page, or search result.

See a list of all of your wishlist items and remove any you no longer want.

Share your wishlist with others so your friends, spouse, mom, or grandma knows what you want.

If you add a game to your collection, it is automatically removed from your wishlist (you can add it back in with one click if you want multiple copies).

See some screenshots below showing how to use the "+Wishlist" buttons and where they are on the page.

+Wishlist Buttons

Already Added to Wishlist

Removed from Wishlist When Added to Collection

+Wishlist on Mobile Devices

Friday, June 8, 2018

eBay Redirecting Closed Listing Links

ebay redirecting closed listing links

People have emailed me asking about eBay links to closed listings that have started redirecting to different - active - listings instead of showing the listing you expected.

See example:
EarthBound SNES Original Authentic Tested Working Near Mint *Board Pics*

This is a change on eBay's end. We have tried to find a work around without success.

eBay is doing this on all external links to their closed listings and even some of their own internal links to closed listings. It appears to be a test though because it doesn't always happen.

I think this is a horrible user experience. Users click a link to a particular listing for a reason, but eBay decides you shouldn't actually go to that page, you should go somewhere else instead. There are many reasons users want to see a closed listing but eBay limits that ability.

What you Can Do. How to Contact eBay

If you don't like this behavior, we encourage you to contact eBay and tell them. The more people they hear from the more likely they are to fix this.

Here are ways you can contact eBay.

Call eBay support at: 1 (866) 540-3229
Email: Message or Tweet to: @AskEbay on Twitter
Message eBay Facebook

Example message:
I recently noticed that all external links to closed listings are being redirected to active listings. The same thing is happening with some internal links to closed listings too. Please stop doing this.

Every time I make a purchase on eBay I'll search through completed listings to see what it is worth and compare the condition of sold listings to an item I'm interested in buying. Or I search for a rare item on Google and find an old eBay sale. This is much harder now because those links to the closed listings redirect me to an active listing instead.

If I click a link to a closed listing there is a reason I clicked on it, I don’t want to see a different listing. This change makes it harder for me, and other users, to make buying decisions on eBay. Please stop doing this. Please revert to the old behavior where clicking a link to a closed listing actually showed that listing.

Thank you

JJ Hendricks



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