Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Use iPhone UPC Scanner on VGPC

VGPC RedLaser AppHave you ever been at Best Buy or GameStop and seen a clearance sale and wondered "Is that really a good deal, or can I get that game cheaper somewhere else?" If you have an iphone you can scan the game's barcode and instantly lookup the price on VGPC and see what other stores are charging for the same game. Here's how to do it:

1. Download the RedLaser App
On your iphone find the RedLaser application and install it. It costs $1.99 but is a very good application and saving some money on one game can more than pay for that.
Red Laser iphone application

2. Visit Customize RedLaser Page
Open Safari on your iphone and visit You will see a page that looks like this:

3. Create Custom App
You need to fill in the fields on the page as follows:

Name: VideoGamePriceCharts
Enter Name

Param: q
Icon URL:
Enter Data

Convert to UPC: Check the box
Convert UPC

Click "Build App" at the bottom of the page.

You can now scan any video game's barcode and choose to search VGPC for the item. You will be taken directly to a page showing the average price for this game and how much eBay, Amazon, and other stores sell it for.

Thank you Christopher for giving us this information, he writes a blog at inaudible games. See an article on showing more screen shots of the app in action on an iphone.


TanookiTravis said...

I should have known it was only a matter of time until an iPhone app was made. It looks like a pretty cool app though.

Anonymous said...

if someone could adapt this for android i'd be really stoked!!!

Christopher said...

Did Alex get some pics back to you? I thought he had when I saw this but then it looks like you just got em from the RL site... I'll go kick him :)

Oh and, the blog's terrible, but the UK VGPC clone creation ain't so bad :) I'd put a link up but... it's secret for now ;)

Anonymous said...

this may work for android as well... they do have a barcode scanner so i would imagine as long you can add the info the same it should work

ill try it out in a few days and let you know

GamesOgre said...

Wooh, thanks for the tip! Between this and the VGT Price Guide iPhone app, my hunting for rare used video games just became a ton easier!

Christopher said...

"this may work for android as well..."

It sould deffinately work, so long as you know how to write an Android app in python using the ASE...

import android
droid = android.Android()
code = droid.scanBarcode()
isbn = int(code['result']['SCAN RESULT'])
url = "" % isbn
droid.startActivity('android.intent.action.VIEW', url)

Code from

Tony Kerkett said...


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