Saturday, July 7, 2007

What You Would Like to See

I have been doing this blog for three months now and have lots of ideas for pricing analysis and what I think would be interesting. But some of the best ideas I have received have been from my readers and their emails, comments, or other discussions. I decided I would make an official post asking for input about what my readers want to see and read about. Post a comment with your ideas for something you want to see analyzed and I will add it to my list and sift through the data and maybe make a post about it.

Here are some ideas readers have given me so far:

  • Price comparisons on different systems. Do prices drop faster on a particular system?
  • Price comparisons by Publisher. Do certain publishers make games that keep their value longer?
  • Compare the Game Index to Google Trends data. Do prices increase when searches increase?
  • Are there any games that increase in value? Is there a trend on which ones they are? And can you predict it?

If you ever come up with a good idea, simply come back to this post and send a comment. I will come back on a regular basis to check on the ideas. And update this list with new readers ideas to spark some more creative juices. Thanks for reading and for your suggestions.


Travis Hendricks said...

I would really like to find out when a game typically becomes a "classic" so to speak. Like when a game that has been steadily declining in price somehow hits the 10 year mark or 20 year mark and starts to go back up in price. It could be for collectors purposes or because the system is just harder to find now or whatever. But when do games stop declining and start going back up and not because of a new release in the series or whatever, but simply because their old? Or maybe they don't.

Greg said...

Some things I'd like to see:

Comparison across genres

Comparison across generations - does the 360 version of Hitman: Blood Money depreciate faster than the XBOX version?

Cory said...

I'd like to know the trends that Fianl Fantasy games follow. A few years ago I bought VII for about $15. Now it's price seems to have skyrocketed. I'd guess/assume it's beacuse of Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus more than XII.

JJ Hendricks said...

Great suggestions all around. The first one might be hard to quantify, but I can try. I definitely will do a comparison by genre and system.

Cory, I do plan to show some games that defy these trends. FFVII is a great example and so is Mario Kart 64. They have increased quite a bit in the last year or two. I want to find other games like that and see if there is any trend.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you have a great blog, different from the 1 000 000 others gaming news sites ;)

I think that Tanookitravis ask a good question, that would partly answer the one in your title "Can you make money collecting video games?"

But how answer that ? Well, iam poor in math ;P

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