Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy Isn't Enough For Me

This is what many gamers are saying after buying 1.1 million copies of Mario Galaxy in November. The price for Super Mario Sunshine for Gamecube increased more than 70% in November! Did the Mario love extend any further than Super Mario Sunshine. Let's find out.

The chart below shows Mario Sunshine's price during 2007.
Mario Sunshine Gamecube Price Chart 2007

The chart shows the price rising from $10.50 to roughly $17 in November. Our daily updates show that the price has continued to rise to $18 as of 12/19/07 though this isn't reflected in the chart yet.

Mario Sunshine is the only other Super Mario platforming game that can be played on the Wii without using the virtual console. It makes sense that the price would increase so much. During the holidays prices increase in general for video games but on top of this parents are probably thinking 'Tommy likes Super Mario Galaxy maybe I should get him another game like it.' Does this logic extend to other Mario games on the Wii?

The charts below show prices for other notable Mario games for Wii and Gamecube (both playable on the Wii).
Mario Strikers Wii Price Chart 2007
Mario Strikers Gamecube Price Chart
Mario Golf Gamecube Price Chart 2007
Unfortunately, we don't enough data to show an interesting chart for Super Paper Mario but you can check it out if you want to.

The charts show some interesting results. The only other Mario Wii game shows a very small price increase in December but a decrease in November. On the other hand the other two Gamecube Mario games showed price increases of more than 50% from October to December. I think the Wii price doesn't change as much because the game is still available at most retailers brand new, which keeps the price from increasing very much. But Gamecube games are hard to come by at most major retailers so many people have to resort to buying the games on eBay, Amazon, or other second hand locations. This forces those Gamecube game prices up while the Wii price stays the same.

These prices and other Mario game prices can be found at


Travis Hendricks said...

I wonder what the sales look like for the Virtual Console Mario games on the Wii. Obviously the prices are consistent but I wonder what the sales chart looks like. Too bad Nintendo is so secretive about their VC sales.

JJ Hendricks said...

I really wish Nintendo would release some virtual console sales numbers too. I bet old school Mario game sales increased as least some after Mario Galaxy came out.

Coaster said...

Don't you think the VC games are a little too expensive. I do.

And , of course, Game Cube games that were super cheap here because no-one wanted them are now increasing in price because of the Wii. Good marketing by Nintendo.

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