Friday, March 21, 2008

It Sorts, It Filters, It Dices

We've updated the console pages on Video Game Price Charts to show the most recent prices right in the table. For instance, to easily answer the question, "What is the most expensive Saturn game" visit the Sega Saturn console page and after the game list loads, click the "Price" column header a couple times.

We've added the same sorting and filtering ability to the search results page. What's the cheapest dance game for PS2 (yeah, you guessed it): search for "dance" games, select "Playstation 2" from the filter box below the "Console" column header and then click the "Price" column header to sort by price. It's that easy (the searching I mean, not the resulting celebrity).


Travis Hendricks said...

How in the world is Monopoly/Boggle the highest priced game for the DS. Electroplankton makes sense to me since it is a unique experience and a "game" they only made like 6 copies of but Monopoly...

This does make me think though, should I sell my Electroplankton?

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