Friday, May 23, 2008

Wii Fit: Another Scalper's Dream From Nintendo

Wii Fit Sold Out Image
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When Nintendo launched Wii Fit on May 19th they created another dream product for scalpers and ebay sellers everywhere. The game and balance board retail for $89.99, but the resale price of the package online has been averaging $150.

This comes at a great time for scalpers. The Wii Console was starting to sell for retail prices online (after 18 months on the market). Lucky buyers couldn't resell the system and make easy money anymore. But Nintendo gives them a gift, another product that is hard to find at retail and can be sold for a hefty mark-up on ebay.

Here is a chart of the average price of Wii Fit for the four days it has been available.

Wii Fit Average Prices Online
The prices have been coming down every day so maybe this profit dream for resellers won't last long. With a $50 markup online I bet a lot of the people waiting inline for the next Wii Fit shipment won't be using it to burn calories but using it to make a little money.

UPDATE: The price for Wii Fit has not continued to drop as it did in the first few days on the market. Wii Fit is now selling for about $165 on amazon and ebay. Maybe those second shipments didn't arrive in stores as planned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving them attention.

This will only encourage people to buy more copies for resale.

Anonymous said...

When are those "second shipments" suppose to arrive though. All retailers tell you is they don't know...adding to the hype. BTW I have one and it is all deserved of the hype!

Anonymous said...

wow, low supply + high demand = high prices. what an insane concept

Anonymous said...

Nintendo typically delivers shipments of their products once a week. Wiis, DSes, MarioKart, etc., generally come in to retailers in one big shipment. I expect the WiiFit will start coming in in those same shipping windows (IOW, the boat dumps them off once a month before heading back)

Anonymous said...

I read yesterday that the U.K hasn't had a shipment in 4 weeks, so a long wait there I guess.

JJ Hendricks said...

I haven't been checking every day, but when I ask retailers tell me they get the shipments pretty often. I'm not sure about once a week though Shigeru. If the UK hasn't gotten any in 4 weeks there must be some manufacturing problem. The delay shouldn't be that big between shipments.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the points made, but struggled implementing the changes, great raticle tho, will this affect the Wii Fit and Wii Music.

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