Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LotusCharts: VGPC for Game Sales Data

I found a website called LotusCharts that I think users of VGPC and readers of this blog will find very interesting. They are the equivalent of VGPC but for games sales data. The blog shows charts and analysis for US and Japanese video games sales with data from NPD in the US and Media-Create in Japan. It is a great resource to see how a video game sold and how many units your favorite system is selling every month.

Here are some examples of great charts they have on the site.

Weekly Comparison of DS and PSP Sales in Japan

Cumulative Yearly Sales Comparison of Nintendo DS and PSP

Next Gen Total System Sales Comparison for Wii, 360, and PS3 in USA

I talked to JR, the owner of LotusCharts, and here is what he had to say about why he started the site and why it is different than other sales data sites:

"I saw an opportunity to provide a reliable location for highly desired gaming sales charts and I sought to fill that need. The important thing to note is that all data used is professionally conducted by external market-research firms and that all of our processes are transparent, leading to a highly credible site that our visitors can trust. This is combined with compelling ways of showing the data visually and the overall experience is something our visitors can learn from and enjoy."

I think all the information on the site is fascinating and the charts really help see the data in different ways.


JB said...

LotusCharts is now Chart Get!


Please update your links.

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