Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 Games With Biggest Price Drops in 2008

Top 10 Video Games Ranked By Price Decrease in 2008

GameConsoleJan 1stDec 31st% Increase
NBA Live 2007PS3$20.00$0.99-95%
Metal Slug 5PS2$19.95$0.99-95%
Urban YetiGBA$16.00$0.99-93%
Chronicles of NarniaPSP$59.99$5.00-92%
Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonGBA$5.25$0.50-91%
The MummyGBA$25.62$2.46-90%
Crazy Castle 4Gameboy$24.95$2.48-90%
NBA Jam Tournament EditionGenesis$14.68$1.49-89%
WWF King of the Ring

The prices in the list only include video games with at least two sources and a minimum price of $1.00 in January. The prices shown are the 30 day average price on January 1st and December 31st 2008.

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This post is part of our 2008 Video Game Prices in Review series.


Anonymous said...

what was driving the prices for the PSP version of "chronicles of narnia?"

it seems aberrant to me that a movie-based game held its value for that long. they usually depreciate quickly.

JJ Hendricks said...

The PSP version of Chronicles of Narnia actually depreciated very quickly. The game dropped in price 92% in 2008. I think it dropped for the exact reason you said, it is a movie based game.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply. i looked at the chart and saw that "narnia" plateaued at about 55 bucks for several months, and figured that there was some kind of supply abnormality.

but you're right, all things considered it did indeed depreciate quickly.

Anonymous said...

anyone view the graph/chart for Metal Slug 5. Thats just bizarre to drop rock bottom like that for two months and then shoot back up. I wonder if there was an error in calculations with the data?

JJ Hendricks said...

Metal Slug 5's price was most likely caused by the low volume of sales. If you look right now on ebay, amazon, and half there isn't a single Metal Slug 5 for sale (when I wrote this comment).

With a game that doesn't sell many copies one auction can close for $0.99 and that price is considered the new price. You can see the price holds steady for several months. This is because there is no sale in one month so we assume the last price sold is still the correct price until we see another price to tell us other wise.

Because of this, low volume games can have very erratic price charts on the site.

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