Friday, February 13, 2009

Mario Kart Wii - When Will The Shortage End?

Yesterday I went into Best Buy to try and buy Mario Kart Wii. Five or more of my Wii friends have the game and I wanted to play online with them. Unfortunately the game was sold out. They checked all the Best Buy's in the Denver area and not one had the game in stock. Mario Kart Wii continues to sell for more than retail price in the resale market too. I don't understand how Mario Kart Wii can still be in such short supply nearly a year after release.

According to NPD, Mario Kart sold 292,000 games in January 2009. That makes it the 3rd best selling game of the month, but Wii Fit, which comes with a much more complicated peripheral, sold 777,000 units. Nintendo should be able to make a lot more than 292,000 Mario Kart's in one month if they can make nearly 800,000 Wii Fit's.


Anonymous said...

We Had Tons At Play N Trade Sugerhouse Ut On Black Friday we didnt even sale them all. Ask you local Play And Trade.

Anonymous said...

Amazing; I got Mario Kart Wii at a pawn shop for $20. I could use $60 about now too...

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