Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Going to E3. What Do You Want to Know?

I will be going to E3 next week which is always fun. Three days of playing games, seeing future releases, getting free stuff thrown at me, and meeting fellow gamers. During all that fun I plan on writing a few blog posts about some games I'm interested in or might be interesting for game collectors. I will also post some short reviews on my twitter account.

Leave a comment below letting me know what games you are interested in. I will try to get to all of the games and consoles you suggest. Take some pictures, maybe some videos, and give my impressions on the blog and twitter.


Unknown said...

Could you look into Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the wii? It's an interesting fighting game in a similar vein to Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Another game that if you looked in to would be great would be Muramasa: The Demon Blade also for the wii. It was made by the developers that made odin sphere and grimgrimoire which I though were excellent in their overall artistic presentation.

Anonymous said...

Wait why are you going to E3? Isn't that supposed to be an event for gaming press only? What does running a website on video game prices have to do with that?

Ah well, have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hard to say, Alot of news is getting spilled before the show! And what will be at the show thats supposed to be huge is unknown... hope it doesn't suck this year, have fun!

dyreschlock said...

Apparently, Xseed is bringing over Yuusha 30, retitled Half Minute Hero in the US. When does this come out in the US?

Also, information on upcoming D3 and Ignition North American releases would be great too ^_^

JJ Hendricks said...

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I will be sure to check out Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Muramasa, and Xseed, D3, and Ignition titles. I will add all those to my "Must See" lists and hopefully they will all be at the show.

I am able to go to E3 because it is open to anyone in the video game industry. I run VideoGamePriceCharts, which would probably be enough to get in since it covers video games, but I also run an online video game retailer.

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