Thursday, June 4, 2009

Scribblenauts Review E3 2009

My favorite game at E3 2009 so far has been Scribblenauts. Its a puzzle game or sorts created by 5th Cell (makers of Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest) and published by Warner Bros. There are multiple stages you have to solve by writing something down and using that object to solve the puzzle. For example, you have a whale stuck on the beach. You need to get it back in the water to complete the level. You then write down "train" and a train appears in the level, you get inside and push the whale into the water.

What makes the game so great is you can write down any noun and it will appear in the game and behave the way it should in real life. If you write down Vampire it will show up and attack any human. Zombies will attack people too and turn them into other Zombies. Trampolines make you jump. Wings make you fly. And meteorites destroy the whole level and kill you.

My first time playing I solved some of the puzzles. They were very simple and only took one or two items to solve, but you can solve them anyway you want. The advanced difficulty level requires you to beat each level three times in a row without using the same item twice so you have to get much more creative.

The 2nd and 3rd time I played Scribblenauts I just created stuff on the title screen to see how they interacted. Here is my test to see who is stronger a vampire, a unicorn, or a werewolf.

We also found two things that either weren't in the game or broke it. Laryngoscope, which is a medical device used to look insides someones throat, was not there. The developer was really surprised because 130 other medical devices are in the game. We also tried to attach wings to a motorcycle with some glue and then ride it off a jump. We jumped on the motorcycle the game froze. The developer actually thanked us for breaking it though.

Scribblenauts is one of the most creative and entertaining games I have played in years.


Anonymous said...

interesting. sounds impressive if it works even half as well as you'd hope.

Unknown said...

Looks like you found some bugs to fix. Looks like a great game as well.

mndrix said...

I love to hear when the developers are there watching people use their creation. That bodes well for the game's quality.

Anonymous said...

nice, you messed it up!


Anonymous said...

what would happen if you types zeus or some other greek god?

JJ Hendricks said...

I didn't try Zeus specifically, but I did try God. And a man with a beard showed up who looked like the typical God depiction. My guess is Zeus would be the same thing.

Other Greek Mythological creatures are definitely in the game though. Cerberus, Griffin, Minotaur, etc

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