Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We're Adding GameStop Prices to VGPC

Gamestop Prices
We're adding GameStop prices to VGPC starting today. Initially not every game will show a price, but within a few weeks we will show a price for every game that GameStop sells.

The GameStop prices will not be used in the price history charts or in the "VGPC Price" we list for every game. We did this because adding GameStop prices to the charts now would cause a spike in prices for almost every game (GameStop is usually more expensive than eBay and Amazon). This would make comparisons for past prices harder because it would be comparing apples to oranges.

Below is an image showing what the new pages will look like and which sections will and will not change:
GameStop Prices on VGPC
See pages with the GameStop prices already live: Sonic Riders or Ninja Gaiden II

We're adding GameStop prices because so many of our users asked for them. In the comments below let us know if there are any other used game retailers you want us to add next.


Raven Homicide said...

Cool this wil help me alot! thanx!

Unknown said...

This is great!

GamesOgre said...

A great resource for pricing new and used video games just got better! Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great, now we can know how much better a deal we are getting on Half or Ebay than at Gamestop.

World of Warcraft Account said...

That really great for user of videogame i like it

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