Monday, November 30, 2009

Game Collectors Have Family and Friends Too

Some researchers have said video games can cause social problems and lead to aggressive behavior. Our data at VGPC shows that gamers still have family and friends and their video game addiction hasn't driven all their loved ones away.

Traffic to dropped more than 30% on Thanksgiving Day. We assume those who didn't use VGPC on November 26th were eating grandma's pumpkin pie, playing football with their friends, or in a turkey induced coma.
Thanksgiving Website Traffic Chart

If we compare the traffic hour by hour on Thanksgiving Day vs the previous Thursday you can see that traffic on the site was pretty much the same the whole morning and late in the evening but the big difference was during the traditional meal time between noon and 3pm.
Hourly Thanksgiving Website Traffic

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Gamers do have family and friends, but they only want to spend a few hours with them before they get back to their game shopping. And by Black Friday, they are back with the rest of the US comparing prices in full force.


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