Tuesday, April 13, 2010

$31,600 Video Game - Atari Air Raid in Box

Atari Air Raid with Box
In the past two months the list of the most expensive video games ever sold has changed quit a bit. In February a Stadium Events sold for $41,300 becoming the most expensive video game ever sold. Now there is a new silver medalist on the list, Atari Air Raid. A recent auction for the game sold for $31,600.

What made this game so expensive compared to other Air Raid sales that have sold for $2,000? This game includes the box for the game, which has never been seen before until now. The seller had to get an expert on AtariAge to verify that it was authentic, but even he could only say it looks authentic because he had never seen the original box before to say with 100% accuracy.

A risk with these type of sales is joke bids. Someone places a bid with no intention of paying, but I've contacted the seller and they verified that the buyer is a well know member of AtariAge. It's not some kid in his mom's basement placing a fake bid so the price is legit.


Anonymous said...

hey JJ maybe you should do a section on some of the most valuable player's guides. there are quite a few that get a lot of money online. is that a possibility?

pangu said...

Lol. The funniest thing about this picture is the little sticker at the top!

What does it say? Looks like a sticker from some pawn shop :)

JJ Hendricks said...

The sticker says "Tuesday Mornings". It's a store that sells a bunch of different stuff from electronics to home furnishings. There is one right across the street from my house (they don't have any Air Raid cartridges, I checked).

Anonymous - good idea about the most expensive player's guides. I will look into that and see what I can find out. It would be interesting even though VGPC doesn't track player's guides in our database.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever verified the actual amount that was paid for the sealed Stadium Events?

JJ Hendricks said...

I've contacted the seller of that cartridge to get verification, but have never heard anything back from them about the sale actually completely successfully.

I'm assuming because it was never re-listed that the seller did sell it though.

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