Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday Deals Start Early at Amazon

Amazon is starting their Black Friday video games dealsoff early this year.

Every couple of hours there is a new deal. Right now Batman: Arkham Asylum for 360is $14.99 brand new. But that deal only lasts for 2-3 hours, then a new deal starts. We thought some of our readers might like knowing about some of these deals.

I'm hoping to pick up some games I never had a chance to play and maybe a few Christmas gifts for family. I'm also checking the TV section every couple of hours because I'm wavering on buying a new HD TV. If the deal is good enough I must just pull the trigger.

Anyone know other websites or stores with video game or TV Black Friday deals?


Anonymous said...

@ JJ Hendricks
Menards is going to have an 22" HDTV for $100 on black friday, so you could always get one there if you're thinking about getting one. Walmart will have a 19" HDTV for the same price too.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - thanks for the info. I'm thinking about getting a bigger TV than I have now. A 27" cathode TV (I know it is old but at least I can still play Duck Hunt on it).

Is Wal-Mart having any big deals on bigger TV's? Any other sites you know of online having big deals? I'm not a fan of going to stores on Black Friday and I have to work.

Anonymous said...

@ JJ Hendricks
Walmart will also have an Emerson 32" HDTV (720p) for $200. That's the best deal outside the first two I mentioned that I can find.

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