Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dragon Quest V is Reprinted

Perfect timing. I finish Dragon Quest VI three days ago and Nintendo reprints Dragon Quest V. It is available at Amazon now for $39.99. My prediction took about a month to become reality. My official prediction was by December 2012 so it looks like Nintendo works much faster than I expected.

Interesting how they raised the price $5 with the reprinting. Its still a lot cheaper than the $50 it was selling for in March.


Anonymous said...

Good. I hate when great games become super expensive used due to rarity.

Travis Hendricks said...

@anonymous I hate it too when great games become super cheap used due to over production. It makes me think my Metroid Prime isn't worth the priceless price I've given it, as opposed to the $5 it is now.

Anonymous said...

get game now on amazon 20 bucks. go.

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