Friday, June 24, 2011

Playstation 3 Resale Prices Don't Recover After PSN Fixed

In April and May Sony had to deal with hackers breaching security on their Playstation Network. They took the service down for a little more than three weeks. During these three weeks resale prices for online enabled PS3 games decreased in price more than their Xbox 360 counterparts.

The PSN outage ended May 14th and PS3 games have online capabilities again - but have PS3 prices recovered?

We used the same ten games from the first article and compared the resale prices from May 14th (day network came back) to June 4th (three weeks later). During this time Playstation 3 prices decreased 0.6% while Xbox 360 prices decreased 5.4%.

Xbox 360 Prices After PSN Outage
PS3 Resale Prices After PSN Outage

PS3 prices didn't recover to their pre-outage levels, but they did hold steady and perform much better than the 360 resale prices. When the network came back PS3 owners started buying more games again, but not enough to cause an overall increase in prices.

Daily PS3 & 360 Resale Prices During & After PSN Outage

Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360 Prices Chart
Before the outage started the average Playstation 3 game was selling for more than the average Xbox 360 game. But near the end of the outage 360 gamers started paying more for the 360 versions. Three weeks after the network went live again PS3 prices had again become slightly more expensive than the 360 games.


Anonymous said...

It may be true that the values didn't recover to pre-outage values, but new game values steadily fall over time regardless of console. I think time is the reason and not the outage. A better indicator is the fact that the overall percentage change in value was lower for the PS3 vs. 360.

JJ Hendricks said...

@Anonymous - Your right that the general trend for newer releases is for prices to decline. So PS3 prices only dropping slightly is a sign that demand has increased.

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