Monday, December 12, 2011

Complete NTSC Nintendo Collection Up For Sale

A member of's community posted about their auction for a complete NTSC NES collection on the forums.

The auction is on eBay and is selling for $2,100 with four days to go.

Check out this video made for the listing and a picture of the collection:


MW said...

After hand picking all of those, is he not losing a tremendous amount of money by selling them?

Plus, there's a big warning flag for bidders...

He changed the shipping type to UPS Ground, after the fact, but what he doesn't realize is that to fit all that in Ground-shippable boxes - it will end up being extremely expensive... And he doesn't say who's going to pay the UPS Ground charges.

UPS Ground for 1 box, cheap. UPS Ground for the 20-30 boxes (if you use the size boxes I'm sure he will) ... maybe money isn't a big deal if you're bidding $2,500 for games, but people should be wary.

Anonymous said...

This seemed like it closed mighty low ($3000). Didn't the last auction like this close for around seven thousand? Did the lack of unlicensed games make that big a difference?

JJ Hendricks said...

Many of the unlicensed games are the most expensive and the most sought after by collectors so I bet that had a big part to play in the lower ending price.

Anonymous said...

It was worth every penny. Don't have to worry about shipping costs if you go pick it up. Great seller!

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