Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Write Video Game Articles for PriceCharting

Have you ever wanted to be a professional video game writer or journalist? Do you have expertise in a video game topic that you can share with others? We are looking for video game content for the blog and will pay you to write it.

You can write about anything video game related. For example guides to different aspects of game collecting (example), gaming 'how to' articles (example), or game reviews (example). We publish the article on the blog and you get paid every month when people read your articles.

How it Works?

How to Start:

Contact us letting us know you are interested and we will send you the contract. Send us your articles and you start earning money as soon as the article is published.


You will be listed as the author of the article and can gain the experience and portfolio needed for other professional writing jobs.


We pay $3 for every thousand pageviews your articles receive. If you write multiple articles you receive payment for the combined pageviews. You are paid every time you accumulate $25 or more. Payments are made via paypal.

Other Info

We reserve the right to edit or reject your article if they do not meet the standards for our site. You will be provided with a monthly report detailing the pageviews to your articles.


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