Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Further Improvements to Completed Auctions

We recently started showing more sales data about completed eBay auctions on our product pages.  We've continued iterating on that feature and have just released a few more enhancements.

As soon as you visit a product page, we now start to load sales data in the background.  If you never visit the completed auctions tab, you'll see no difference.  If you do click the tab, the data appears faster than it did before.  In many cases, the data appears instantly.

We've also made auction titles appear more rapidly.  For most products, we now show auction titles at the same time as we show auction prices.  You used to have to wait for a second loading phase before titles appeared.  That second phase is gone, but the important title data remains.

Because of these changes to titles, we can also show auction titles even if eBay has deleted the auction page from its site (see the last two auctions in the screenshot above).  For rare games this can make a big difference.  You now have more information to understand price differences between these older auctions.

One last note.  If eBay has deleted an auction page from its website (usually 90 days after the auction ends), that auction's title won't link to eBay.  This saves you the hassle of clicking a dead link.  We still label such auctions as "(expired from eBay)" to remind you why they're not links.  Even though you can't see the data on eBay, we hope the historical context is valuable.


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