Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Busy Improving our Servers

We recently passed 100 million price points in our database.  That's not much data compared to AT&T's call logs or Google's web indexes, but it's far more data than our systems were designed to handle.  We've spent the last couple months migrating to bigger servers and adjusting our systems to handle ever larger data volumes.  Here are some aspects you might care about as a user:

  • Improved filters for detecting and excluding bad auctions.  This means you'll see fewer mistakes in our sales records and more accurate prices when linking to eBay.
  • More scalable architecture.  This makes it easier for us to grow in the future in case we ever decide to track prices for other product categories
  • Restored Amazon links in Current Listings feature.  These had been disabled for a while due to some problems on our back-end.
  • Reduced database admin time.  This should give us more time to add new features to the site.
These server changes are also our first step towards tracking items in complete condition, an often requested feature on our current roadmap.  Once these server changes are done, we can get back to improving more visible parts of the site.


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