Friday, January 18, 2013

We're Tracking Prices for Skylanders Figures

We are now tracking prices for Skylanders Figures. The Skylanders Figure List is the second most popular article on our blog and many users have requested this as well.

Some of the figures are quite valuable too. A Gold Prism Break given away to all Activision employees sells for $300-400, there is a pearl colored Skylander given away at a Toy Fair in Germany for $250, and even a purple Skylander given away at least years E3, which sells for $180-200. Why didn't I stop at the Skylanders Giants booth last year, doh.

We have to track many of the prices manually for now, so please bear with us if the eBay component of our site does not catch every single listing. If this is successful we will look for ways to automate the pricing like every other item on the website.


Unknown said...

I did stop at the Skylander Giants booth! Unfortunatly they didn't have anything for me. Did they give some away this year?

Maybe I didn't talk to them long enough

JJ Hendricks said...

@adam - They might have given away all the Chrome Spyro pieces the first day or maybe they only gave them to VIP Buyers or media types. I have not been able to find the details in terms of HOW the figures were given away at E3.

Activision has not said if they are giving away any figures at 2013 E3, but it is coming up in June. I wouldn't be surprised if they do release some because the limited edition pieces seem to add to the mystique of collecting the figures.

Unknown said...

I'd like to know your opinion about Walt Disney's Inifity JJ.

It was only a matter of time before someone tried to get a piece of that cake. Not sure it will have the same success but it's still Walt Disney figure we are talking about, kids will go crazy for them.

Personnaly, I would've love to get some articulated figures. More expensive but I'd love it!

JJ Hendricks said...

@adam - Like you I am not surprised they are trying to get a piece of this action. Skylanders is a HUGE revenue source for Activision. The game sells well but in order to unlock everything you need to buy a bunch of action figure sets. I've seen people estimate that it costs $200-300 to "complete" the game.

Depending on what is announced with Infinity it could be very successful. If it included a bunch of Disney Princess characters, Cars, Toy Story, etc it would probably be very popular.

In the past Disney has not executed their games very well. Things like Epic Mickey sound great, but then are not quite as polished as they need to make it a great game. This might hurt Infinity. The action figures are nice, but success is all based upon having a good game.

If Skylanders is more fun then Infinity, Skylanders will probably still win. But both could end up making lots of money.

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