Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We've Updated the Rare Sega Saturn Game Article

We've updated the rare Sega Saturn game article to show 20 games, their current prices, and what makes them so rare. The article includes some rare imports too.

Take the Saturn collector quiz:

What year were the majority of games on the list released? Hint: same year the console was discontinued.
What genre is featured on the list most often?
Which two games are the most expensive game in their series?

See if you can answer the questions then read the article to see how you did.


Adam484 said...

I'm sorry this is unrelated to the Saturn article, but does anyone know how much interest there would be in a Sega Channel adapter in mint condition with all the hook-ups and even the original box it came in from the cable company. I know they were supposed to be returned back in 1998, but I still have mine like an overdue library book, and i wonder how many other people do as well and if there's any demand for it as a collectible nostalgia piece. I've seen a couple on E-Bay not as nice as mine, but its not enough to get an idea of its true value.

Btw, I just discovered this site today and love it already :)

JJ Hendricks said...

@adam484 - Welcome to the site. Glad you found it.

I've seen one of those sell for $100 with the AC Adaptor. With the original packaging too I bet it would fetch a decent amount more, maybe $120+

I will add this item to our database to track regularly. Thanks for the question.

Anonymous said...

Ebay or r/gameswap

Adam484 said...

Thanks alot for the reply. That's good because I think it's an interesting item worth tracking. There still seems to be interest in retro Sega products.

Adam484 said...

One final Sega note. I see you track Beggar Prince but there's no mention of The Legend of Wukong which was the second limited Sega Genesis release from the Super Fighter Team after Beggar Prince. I've looked around for this title and it seems to be even rarer. Currently there is no copies available on E-Bay and I don't ever remember seeing one available. That would also be an interesting item to look into.

Thanks alot. This is an awesome website for game collectors.

Unknown said...

Perhaps someone here can help me. I came across some sega saturn games. Some of them are in a paper sleeve and one of them is a "sampler" of nights into dreams. Do these discs have any value whatsoever? Are the ones in a paper sleeve different than from the big plastic case? Thanks

JJ Hendricks said...

@David - The sampler is not worth much. Maybe a couple bucks but there isn't much demand for it.

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