Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Video Game Winners & Losers: September 2013

Many users asked us to make a list of games that have increased or decreased in price recently. Every month we write an article with a list of some of the games with the biggest increase and decrease in price. We are calling the series "Winners & Losers".

The article format will probably morph somewhat over time, but initially there will be pictures showing the charts for big movers and text links for a few additional titles. For those interested, you can read the methodology for deciding what makes the list at the very bottom of the article.

Winners: Video Games With Biggest Price Increase

More Winners
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves for NES
Adventures of Dr Franken for SNES
Earth Defense Force for SNES
Fatal Fury for SNES
Baten Kaitos Origins for Gamecube
Nosferatu for SNES

Losers: Video Games With Biggest Price Decrease

More Losers
Record of Agarest War 2 for PS3
Beach Fun: Summer Challenge for Wii
Hitman Blood Money for Xbox 360
NHL 13 for PS3
New Super Mario Bros for DS


The list is made up of the games with the biggest change in price compared its average price in the last two years. We use the standard deviation for the prices to eliminate games that naturally have volatile prices.

For example, a game has an average price of $10 and a standard deviation in this price of $1. 96% of the time prices will be within $8 and $12. If during the next three months the price jumps to $14, then $15, and $16 after that we can be very confident the price increase is statistically significant.


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Can you add Diamond Trust of London NDS.

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