Tuesday, November 26, 2013

PowerFest 94 For Sale

PowerFest 94
We have listed PowerFest 94 for sale on eBay.....again.

Earlier this year we sold this one of a kind game from the 1994 Nintendo PowerFest competition for $23,100. The buyer was forced to cancel the transaction though after having some financial difficulties.

The game can be yours for $24,000 or make an offer if you think it is worth a bit less.


Anonymous said...

So how does one pay for something of this price in one lump sum? Don't most banks limit $1000 per day.

Anonymous said...

You should have added make offer on the listing.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - I thought I had added the "make offer" feature, but I guess I did something wrong the first time. I have added that feature now. Thanks for letting me know.

@anonymous - Generally banks will not have limits on transferring funds. You can do a wire transfer directly to the other person's bank. Or transfer money to paypal then send the funds that way.

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