Wednesday, February 19, 2014

eBay Game Sniper Works with Auctions Too

We launched our eBay Game Sniper two months ago, it only showed fixed price listings that were below their market value. Today we added auctions as well.

Instead of showing newly listed auctions, we show auctions with bid prices below the market value and ending in 90 seconds. Many of these auctions end without getting any more bids and bidding $0.25 more could win it for you.

The fixed price and auction listings are displayed with different background colors to make it easy to differentiate.

You can easily toggle on and off either type of listing so you only see exactly what you want. Adjust the settings using the check boxes.

Try the Sniper today and let us know what you think of the new features.


Salmononius2 said...

Thanks once again for the great addition to your tool!

Just a tip I wanted to share: It's always a good idea to check if the seller has any other games for sale, particularly if his auction had few to no bids, and he's a relatively new seller. Oftentimes, a seller will put up a bunch of games one after the other, so when one is ending, they're all ending. It's likely that his other games are below market value, and you could get a good deal before the item ever appears on the sniping tool (and even when it does appear on the tool, I think it's less likely to get a last second sniper if there's already a bid). While I was outbid on both Mega Man X4 and X8, I was able to get Mobile Suit Gundam for about $3.

As a side note, it's always cool to click on a link that comes on the tool, and end up on a listing by JJGames :D

Alex said...

Hi JJ-- there sees to be a new issue with auctions in the sniper. The sniper is showing the auction's opening bid rather than the current bid, and when you click through, you find out the item's already been bid much higher. This is creating a lot of false positives in the feed. I just noticed it starting yesterday. Hopefully something you can fix? Thanks for the tool, it's great.

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