Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Disney 3DS XL and 2DS

Disney has recently partnered with Nintendo to release special, limited edition 3DS XL's and 2DS's to coincide with the launch of their 3DS title, Disney Magical World.

The game itself is a life simulator similar to Animal Crossing but with a Disney flair. You can farm, collect, accessorize, decorate, and interact with a bunch of Disney characters. There is no main plot, which drew a lot of criticism but despite that, the game still managed to garner scores of good reviews. But you guys aren't here for Disney reviews, you guys are here to learn about video games collectibles so let's talk about the Peach Pink 2DS.
The important things to note about this console are that this is a limited-run GameStop exclusive. Exclusives like this usually garner higher values later on, like Xenoblade. It also comes with a Disney Magical World-branded carrying case but sadly lacks the game. The major drawbacks are that the console itself is not branded with anything Disney related. This is bad for resale and collectibility since Disney is such a strong brand. While at the selling point of $129.99, it rivals normal 2DS's at the same price, it still lacks that Disney branding and will probably not be highly sought-after. This is a skip in my book but the other console is another story.
Whoa, look at this. Bold white color with gold and cream mouse ears designs and a big logo representing that strong Disney brand. This is the definition of a collectible. We have the perfect storm of store exclusivity (Walmart), limited run, and strong Disney branding all wrapped up in a Nintendo console. This is a good piece. Disney effectively defined the modern collectible market and still continues to do so to this day and I see this item as just another good piece of Disney memorabilia. As a Nintendo collectible this is just another limited 3DS XL (the 8th one) and at this point they are becoming ubiquitous but with that Disney branding I am urged to reconsider my stance. I think this is will become a rather desirable piece.

One problem I have with this is that it doesn't come with the game, it isn't even preinstalled. I have a problem with this, especially since the Japanese release did come with the full game. What's up with that!?


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