Thursday, June 26, 2014

Geoffrey N64 Controller: Rare, Collectible, Evil Twin

Is that a giraffe?
As a follow-up to the Hello Mac N64 controller article, may I introduce to you the Geoffrey N64 controller. This is another Japanese-exclusive controller that was sold in very limited quantities only at Toys'R'Us stores late in the N64's lifespan. This controller is in fact identical to the Hello Mac controller in every way except for the sticker, sort of like some kind of evil giraffe twin.
Yeah, that's a giraffe.
What I find really interesting is that hardcore N64 collectors were completely taken by surprise when this controller started showing up in auctions towards the beginning of 2011. No one had ever heard of them before. Current count puts the total known number of these controllers at less than 20, making it just a little bit more rare than the Hello Mac controller.They do show up on eBay often, selling for around $300-$800 depending on condition and if they include the box. So if you want to own this rare controller, better start saving your Geoffrey dollars!
[EDITOR'S NOTE: To those of you that didn't have a childhood, Geoffrey dollars were gift card forerunners given out by the various 'R'Us stores. I would be lying if I said I didn't snort an entire pixie stick for five Geoffrey Dollars. Elementary school was tough, man.]


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing those controllers at a yard sale once, and was like meh. If only I knew what a sticker could do. Anyways, you still on the pixie stick. I heard that stuff is pretty addictive.

Anonymous said...

haha. pixie sticks. nice.

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