Tuesday, September 30, 2014

eBay Gives Sellers Good BIN Price Causing Fewer eBay Sniper Listings

Users of our eBay Game Sniper might have noticed a recent drop in the number of Buy It Now listings that show up. A few of you have even contacted us asking about the issue.

The lower number of listings is caused by eBay adding a suggested Buy It Now price to their Selling process.

The screenshot above shows what ebay says when you try to sell Earthbound for $1.00. eBay will say your price is lower than the average price and give you a suggested price.

This change means the seller gets a better price and eBay gets more fees, but buyers will find fewer great deals.

Our Sniper still finds some great BIN deals throughout the day from people who ignore eBay suggestion or where eBay's suggestion is not very good.

The Sniper still finds auction deals too. Auctions with prices below the expected price and less than 2 minutes to go.

The Sniper will still find great deals for those who are patient, but it won't find quite as many as it once did.


Anonymous said...

You weren't kidding. I was sure that the sniper was broken this weekend. Guess this is just the new reality.

Anonymous said...

Well it was good while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they determine the price? Completed listing prices??

Anonymous said...

The sniper is not connecting to eBay at all for me tonight :(

Anonymous said...

I noticed Ebay's silly little suggestion on what price I should list my "buy it now" items at. They can kiss my rear. The games won't sell quickly when you try to get Ebay's suggested price for them. Just be patient. More and more sellers will start realizing this, and will start listing their BIN items for quite a bit lower than the going rate to make sure they sell. The sniper will be there for us when this happens :)

Anonymous said...

it's a good thing-have a better chance on ebay than here besides jj games was buying most of the good items before they even posted them here fools...why should this company get first dibs on all great buys with a direct feed from ebay long before you'll ever see it===glad to see that shit ended...wise up everyone it's for the best though ebay jacking up prices isn't so great

Anonymous said...

yeah most of the items here now are either misslisted under wrong item details (done on purpose many times),inferior condition items or just parts of the items or bootlegs etc

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