Monday, May 11, 2015

Please give us your feedback on new features

We'd love to get our community's feedback on some new features we are considering.

We are considering adding a marketplace to PriceCharting where people/businesses can buy or sell their games. Like eBay and Amazon, but built specifically for games and built right into PriceCharting.

Please take our survey and let us know your thoughts.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

PLEASE DO NOT DO A MARKETPLACE! We value your methodologies as an independent expert in the video game industry - you make it a marketplace and you will LOSE that independent aspect, which in turn would make us question your loyalties and opinions

Anonymous said...

Times must be tough to consider adding a marketplace, which as stated above, will be a conflict of interest. As a follower of this site for several years, I thought it was going downhill starting with the DVD "experiment", but between adding figures, adding extra "tools" which only help quick flippers, and writing odd articles such as bitcoin exchange rates, I think this site's lost its way. At least the blog has.

JJ said...

Thank you for that feedback. Definitely something we need to consider.

Why do you think offering games for sale on the site would bias our opinions and price data? We would still be very transparent in our methodology, still provide historic eBay data, and our own marketplace historic data too.

JJ said...

@anonymous - Thank you for the feedback on the blog and the site. Sorry you haven't like some of our additional features. Most of them are added because users ask for them.

We definitely do not post as much to the blog as we once did. I personally do not have as much time for it as I once did and feedback we have heard from users was generally that they wanted additional features on the site instead of more articles.

Regarding bitcoin. We told our users that it was a payment option. We use the blog to let users know about all site updates. We've never written about bitcoin exchange rates.

LloydChristmas said...

Pretty sure jj runs Jjgames, so if there was a conflict of interest it has been present the whole time this site has been running. I probably wouldn't use the marketplace but I always like having the option of more ways to buy things. My only concern is manipulation of price through false bids to artificially drive prices up. I don't use this site much anymore because most of the games I buy are from older systems that are not as popular and these game prices (intellivision) tend to be a little off from my own eBay completed auction search. I wish the blog has more new articles though. A revised, rarest/most expensive games would be interesting. A nice article differentiating rare vs valuable would also be nice

Adam aka Hollywoodhorror said...

I'm just gonna put this here.....

JJ said...

@adam - That is sooooo cool. I hope they announce more info soon like the games and (fingers crossed) a collector's edition disc for the event.

Anonymous said...

@JJ - It is personal opinion, so if many other users are requesting features, I understand I'm probably in the minority. Much of the blog was very interesting to read, and I also understand being busy to post new articles (how many new articles can you write about retro collecting, honestly), but I am disappointed most posts these days are about changes to the site rather than about retro collecting.

@LloydChristmas - I never put it together, but if JJ runs JJgames, then it's still a shame. In a way, I feel it's like reporting the news when you help make the news. Maybe bias isn't the most accurate term, but I can't help but feel it's unseemly to sell games and report on recent sales of said games. And yes, I agree a revision of articles would be great, and even at the top of my list since those are the kind of reads I like and look for from this site.

JJ said...

@anonymous - Thank you for letting me know your thoughts. I will work on updating the articles with up-to-date prices and move games in and out if the rankings have changed.

I can understand people's concerns about JJGames and PriceCharting. Here are some points to help alleviate concerns.

1) JJGames is a customer of PriceCharting like hundreds of other retailers.
2) sales are not included in PriceCharting data when determining prices.
3) We use an automated system to calculate the prices
4) We are very transparent about the methodology.

LloydChristmas said...

@anonymous pat the nes punk mentioned the potential conflict of interest between price charting and jjgames on the cupodcast, For the most part I feel the price charting prices are accurate and unbiased. I use priceharting as just another resource, not the end all and be all. Some of the pre nes games are less accurate, mostly due to to low sales. I use eBay completed items to see what trends are on those games, unfortunately there is no way to tell if the buyer paid for the item on completed listings. Some prices seem artificially high at times

Salmononius2 said...

While I don't consider myself to be such a large seller (I have roughly 150 hand-picked games for sale), I would definitely be interested in joining this new market. Filled out the survey and gave my opinion.

I wonder though if there might be some issues with connecting a marketplace to PriceCharting. For sellers who price themselves based on the going price based on the chart (i.e. 10% less than the going price), will that artificially change the price on the chart? And if a seller prices themselves higher than the chart, why would a customer purchase at that price if the chart seems to say the price is lower?

All in all though, I'd still join this market given the opportunity. I'm also willing to answer any other questions from the point of view of a small-ish seller, if you want to ask.

And as always, thanks again for your excellent site and blog. Always exciting to see new things unfold here!

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