Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Video Game Collection Tracker is Live

video game collection tracker

Do you know how much your game collection is worth?

Do you know exactly what games you need to complete your collection?

You can find out using PriceCharting's new game collection tracker

Easily add games to your collection.

Then see what your collection is worth. The value will update instantly every time we update our prices. And you can see how much the games for each console are worth too.

The tool seemlessly integrates with PriceCharting while search or browsing for game prices.

See an icon next to every game showing you if you own it or not. Clicking '+ collection' adds the game in seconds.

You can do the same on every individual game page too.

Additional Features of the Collection Tracker:

  • Add photos for any game you own
  • Record if the box and manual are included
  • Note the condition
  • Write any additional notes (where you bought it, when, extra info on the item, etc)
  • Share your collection with others
  • It's totally free

If you already track your collection somewhere else, you can quickly import it with our automatic collection import tool too. Just enter/copy & paste a list of the games you own and we will take care of the rest.

Please share the links to your collections in the comments below. I love seeing other game collections.


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff! Are there plans on separating the values by consoles?

JJ said...

@anonymous - We already do. If you filter your collection by console you can see the value of the games for that particular console.

Is there somewhere else you'd like to see that value too?

Anonymous said...

Oops, I completely missed that, I am so sorry!

Rock on, keep up the awesome work :)

Anonymous said...

took me all day but here ya go See My Collection

few recommendations,
-it'd be much more satisfying to me to see my list not separated by pages and in alphabetical by default, especially when trying to someone else, the last games i was adding to my list were mostly 360 so it makes it look lame for quite awhile unless you change the filter
-add more options to condition of item (like dented box, includes soundtrack, or cracked case)
-after going through the process of setting the details of the item, have it go back to the page you were searching on
-not really a reccomendation more of a bug, if you change your username then your hyperlink and facebook post will contain the original username example: ("hy3k32k's Collection") when my user name is ajmaresh

Anonymous said...

when trying to show someone else*
unless they change the filter*

JJ said...

@anonymous - You can change your default sort order when sharing. Go to the view you want to share and then copy the url. For example here is yours in alphabetical order:

Hopefully we can add infinite scrolling (instead of 30 items per page) in the near future.

Thanks for those condition options. There are almost an infinite number of options so we have chosen to add the most common ones and people can leave notes about other things included. We might revisit that and add some common ones that people leave notes about though.

When I view your collection I see "ajmaresh Collection". Can you give me the url where you are seeing the wrong user name?

Anonymous said...

What if you have more than 1 copy of the same game?

JJ said...

@anonymous - Click "in collection" when browsing and then click "add another copy" button. "in collection" shows you all the copies of a particular game you have.

You can also view the details page of any item in your collection and then click "add another copy" link near the top.

Anonymous said...

"ajmaresh" here, when i post my link to facebook is when it says the wrong username, id put a screenshot but i cant, just test it with your own facebook :)
and thanks for the tip about default view

sparky01gt said...

Having toruble with the import tool and Gameboy Color games. Every other system I've tried so far has worked but with these it either imports the regular Gameboy version or throws it back as not found. using "Gameboy Color" as my system name.

JJ said...

@ajmaresh - I see that same behavior on Facebook for your collection. It looks like it is something to do with Facebook storing the result. When I try that with my own collection or other user's collections it does the right thing.

We are showing the right info on our site, so it is a Facebook issue. Sorry.

@sparky01gt - I'll look into this problem ASAP. Can you give me a link to your collection so I can look in the logs to see what was going on behind the scenes?

JJ said...

@sparky01gt - I found the problem. I've fixed it now. You should see it live on the site within 30 minutes of this post.

sparky01gt said...

Yeah a quick test seems to work. Thankyou. If you still want the link to my collection, I'm about halfway through entering it:

JJ said...

@sparky01gt - Nice collection. I've still never played Castlevania X. Is it a good one?

Soluk said...

Awesome stuff! Just finished adding mine in. Ill post the link if anyone wants to check it out.


JJ said...

@unknown - Nice collection. You have some very nice CIB RPG's like Chrono Trigger and Shining Force III.

Soluk said...

@JJ thanks man!, yeah my games don't just sit there either. I've played at least half and beaten about a quarter of them. Slowly working my way thru them week by week. RPG's are my favorite genre, especially the snes era

sparky01gt said...

@JJ Castlevania X is HARD, honestly i got frustrated by the second level and havent picked it up since.

Also, off all the 1600+ games i entered, i think there was only one i couldn't find in your database: Memory Match for the atari 2600. Also, not sure if you want to, but could use an entry for the Intellivision Voice Synthesis Module if possible.

JJ said...

@sparky01gt - I've added Memory Match for 2600. It will get a price and cover art in the next few days.

We already have the Intellivoice on the site.

Thanks for info on Castlevania X. That series is a tough one in general.

sparky01gt said...

ahh, duh. i only tried searching for voice.

Anonymous said...

having a problem importing Wii games, is there a trick?

JJ said...

@anonymous - There shouldn't be a trick to adding Wii games. Are you adding "Wii" at the end of the game title?

If you want, you can email me the list you are entering and I'll take a look at it to see what is going on. sales@vgpc.com

Anonymous said...

@JJ - yes, i did add "Wii"
emailed you the list.

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