Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Filter Search Results by Region [NTSC] [PAL]

We recently added tracking for some PAL consoles, like PAL NES, PAL SNES, and PAL Master System.

Some users are only interested in NTSC games, while others might be interested in only PAL games.

You can now filter the search results to see only games for the region you prefer.

If you are logged into your account, your preference will be saved for all searches.

To change the filter, choose "NTSC" or "PAL" in the "Region" drop down box. That simple. The results will change to match your request and all future searches will use that same preference.


Le Hamster Ruso said...

I like this option but it's not perefect. For exemple, you cannot choice between pal or NTSC ps3, ps4 or even xbox 360 consoles. It seems too limited and only focused to old video game consoles.

JJ said...

Sebastian - Thanks for the comment. We haven't added any PAL games for PS3, PS4, or Xbox 360. We have only added NES, SNES, and N64 at this point.

We are waiting to see how popular these consoles are before adding more. We had a survey on the site for the last few weeks asking PAL users to let us know their preferences on the next consoles to add and PS2 and PS1 and Gamecube will be the next ones we add when we do add more.

At some point we hope to have every PAL game for every console.

Angus said...

Ugh! Would love to be able to add "Region Free" games which I have a few of! For example: I had to add a physical version of "Gylt" for PS4 (UPC: 8436016712286) as a PAL even though it's not.

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