Friday, October 13, 2017

PAL Super Nintendo Games Have Been Added

We've added all the PAL Super Nintendo games to PriceCharting.

We have loose prices for almost every single game and complete in box prices for most of them too.

Many of the rare's for PAL SNES are similar to NTSC. Games like Mega Man X3, Starwing Competition Cartridge, and R-Type III top the list of most valuable PAL SNES games.

Some PAL exclusives like Dragon Ball Z: La Legende Saien and Daze Before Christmas fetch more than $100.


FFTW said...

Hello. I have a Request: can you please add the MSX and the to your list of trackable systems? the MSX was EXTREMELY popular in both europe and japan,it used cartridges,and some of the greatest series of all time(Metal Gear,Bomberman,etc)started there and some of the greatest devs of all time(Konami,Square,etc) made tons of great games for it,not to mention that the majority of its games are valuable and worth good money these days,so it would be wonderful if you would add it. as for the,it is a dedicated handheld that had some ahead of its time ideas,and it had a very small library(22games only IIRC),so it wont use any notable server space.
Would be wonderful if you would add those two systems,especially the MSX. thanks :)

JJ said...

Thanks for this suggestion. I've added a feature request for this so the community can vote on it.

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