Thursday, January 4, 2018

Use Gamestop Sell & Trade Prices in Lot Calculator

The Lot Calculator is one of the most popular tools on PriceCharting. You can add games to a lot and quickly calculate total lot value.

We also allow users to subscribe to Gamestop buy and sell prices so independent game stores can keep track of their biggest competitor. Until now, these stores could only access the Gamestop prices through a download file or our API.

Now subscribers can use Gamestop data in the lot calculator and quickly compare Gamestop's prices for the lot.

Use Case: Compare Prices for a Customer

You use the lot calculator to calculate the price on 10 games. A customer wants to know how much that would cost at Gamestop. You change the drop down to "Gamestop Sell Prices" and all the prices adjust instantly showing you exactly what they would sell for at Gamestop.

We've also added the Gamestop trade prices to all the game pages on the site. If you subscribe to the data, you can see the Gamestop buy and sell prices on every game page along with the market prices and our own suggested retail prices (you subscribe to that data).

A note on Gamestop buy prices. The price is the cash price Gamestop offers with no membership bonuses included. This data is only available on games that Gamestop buys and sells online.


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