Thursday, May 6, 2021

Quantity Supported in Your Collection

You can now enter the quantity of a particular game/card you own.

Choose the quantity in the collection view and the total value will update on the next page refresh.

Each copy you have must include the same items (Loose, CIB, New, etc). If you own 5 loose copies and 1 CIB copy of a game, you would need to enter those on two different entries.

Let us know if you have any questions or other features you want to see.


JesseJames*MyGuyBro said...

Awesome--thank you!

Unknown said...

Easy and fast this makes it better

Unknown said...

Hey. there's a glitch in the new quantity update in my total Value in my collection. when i added quantity in one of my collection just to test it out, and when i changed it back. the value went up to $171 million! so there's a bug on that

JJ said...

@unknown - Thank you for letting me know. I'll look into this and see what is causing that. Sorry your collection isn't worth $171 mill :)

Cammy said...

Crap -_-. I give all my double pokemon to my friends because they don't waste their money on packs and stuff.

Unknown said...

Hey! just a update on that total value. looks like it's fixed! it's not at 171 million anymore. thanks!

JJ said...

@unknown - Great to hear. I found the root issue a couple of days ago and cleared out the problem on impacted collections yesterday.

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