Monday, June 28, 2021

Premium Collection Features: Sort & See Change In Price

up down price arrows in collection

We've added a few new tools to PriceCharting collections. Some of these are available to all users and others are available to premium users only.

  • Up/Down Arrows Showing Collection Items that Changed in Value
  • Sort Collection by Change in Value
  • A Collection Dashboard showing more charts and summaries of your collection

Up/Down Arrows in Collection
You can see the up/down arrows in the example at the top of this page. Every user can see a colored arrow indicating if the item increased or decreased in price recently. Any change in value greater than $1 in either direction will show the arrow.

All users can see these on the first 30 items in their collection. Premium users can see the indicators on every item in their collection.

Sort Collection by Change in Value
sort by price change

This feature is only available for premium users. You can sort your entire collection by the recent change in value. See which items increased or decreased in value the most and understand why your collection value is changing.

Collection Dashboard
collection dashboard

This feature is only available for premium users. You can see a special dashboard for your collection showing more charts of the items in your collection, like a graph of the most popular consoles/sets, tables show your most valuable items, and the change in value vs last year.

If you collect games and trading cards, this is a good way to see a summary of both categories at once.

Most of our content is totally free to all users, but we do have some bonus features available in Premium accounts. You can see a list of these features and decide if you think they are worth it for you. Any subscriptions do support the site and help keep it a big "thank you" in advance for any new subscribers and existing premium users.


Unknown said...

Excellent update and a huge value-add to the premium membership!

Anonymous said...

Completely Agree with Unknown- Excellent Value Addition!

JJ said...

@unknown and @anonymous - Thank you. Glad you like the features and feel they are a value add to the premium tools.

wzerorld said...

These are awesome features and love the collection summary tab.

Unknown said...

Never thought viewing your collection could get any better! Great work with these new updates.

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