Friday, January 4, 2008

Average Video Game Prices in 2007

This post is part of our 2007 Video Game Prices in Review feature.

Below is the chart of the average used video game price during 2007.
Chart of Average Video Game Price During 2007
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The average consists of roughly 3,500 video games that were released prior to December, 31st 2006 from Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Playstation 2, Playstation 1, and Xbox. The data shown is an average of all 3,500 games and their daily updated prices tracked over the course of 2007.

The high price for the year was $13.59 on January 1st and the low was on November 5th with a price of $9.49. The average video game dropped in price 30.2% from the high to the low.

As we have shown before video game prices rise during November and December due to the holiday shopping. 2007 was no exception. From the low on November 5th, the average price increased to $12.01 on Dec. 31st. A 26.6% increase in less than two months.

The average video game dropped in price 11.6% during 2007.

Two things to learn from this chart.
1. Video game collecting as a money making hobby is an uphill battle. Though there are definitely some games that increase in price so you just have to pick your games wisely.

2. If you are going to shop for video games for Christmas presents, shop early. Every day you delay adds about 0.5% to what you are going to pay.


mndrix said...

0.5% per day. It's nice to know the fee I pay for procrastinating.

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