Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Video Games With Biggest Price Increases in 2007

This post is part of our 2007 Video Game Prices in Review feature.

Top 10 video game price increases during 2007:

Video GameConsolePrice Jan 1stPrice Dec 31st% Increase
Extreme G3PS2$0.49$4.93907%
Rampage Through TimePS1$2.39$16.99611%
MisAdventures of Tron BoonePS1$13.95$86.10517%
Max PayneXbox$0.38$2.22484%
Crash BandicootPS1$6.46$35.81453%
Descent MaximumPS1$2.44$13.47452%
Micro Maniacs RacingPS1$0.75$3.96428%
Spyro Collector's EditionPS1$21.84$114.99427%
Azure DreamsGameboy Color$7.18$33.35364%
Street Fighter AnniversaryXbox$10.00$44.27343%

(List only includes video games with at least two price sources to make sure the data is as accurate as possible).

See games with biggest price decreases.


Travis Hendricks said...

It's interesting to me that these are all pretty old games. And also, for the most part, they are bead games. There are a few gems on the list but for the most part they are lame. Interesting how they had the highest increase.

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