Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rare Auctions: Super Star Fox Weekend

The featured game in this installment of "Rare Auctions" is Super Starfox Weekend for Super Nintendo. The game was released as part of a Blockbuster promotion and only 2,000 were ever made. It is definitely one of the hardest to find SNES games.

Super Starfox Weekend - Super Nintendo

Auction Link

Ends: Aug-22-08 22:51:48

Ogre Battle Complete with Charts - Super Nintendo

Auction Link

Ends: Aug-24-08 18:48:19

Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak - NES

Auction Link

Ends: Aug-27-08 20:06:07

Radiant Silvergun - Japanese - Sega Saturn

Auction Link

Ends: Aug-26-08 03:02:49

Panzer Dragoon Saga SEALED - Sega Saturn

Auction Link


Trolls on Treasure Island includes Troll SEALED - NES

Auction Link

Ends: Aug-22-08 13:34:47


Anonymous said...

Anybody know how much a factory sealed ogre battle for snes goes for? I saw one as part of a 4 game lot but the seller made no mention of the game in the title so I don't think it sold for what it should have. Wasn't sure how high to bid and I got outbid by one of the big ebay game stores, final price was $850-something. Any ideas of average price on it?

JJ Hendricks said...

Josh - Good question. We haven't seen a sealed Ogre Battle for SNES yet so I can't say for sure how much it would sell for but my guess is it would sell for at least several hundred dollars. It is one of the most rare SNES games. It is well liked by collectors. And a sealed copy would get a big premium. If I ever see one I will be sure to post it in my "Sealed Auctions" blog and update the website with the price.

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