Monday, September 1, 2008

Sega CD Games Priced On VGPC

Prior to Friday of last week we tracked Sega CD game prices along with the Sega Genesis console and just added "Sega CD" at the end of the title. This wasn't the best way for Sega CD collectors to find the prices for their games so we changed that.

We now have a separate Sega CD page on VGPC with daily updated prices. We also added every single Sega CD game we could find to the site. So we have 129 games with prices right now and 37 more without prices. When we find a price on those games we will post them on the live site for everyone to see.

All you Sega collector's out there can now find prices for rare and expensive SCD games like Shining Force CD, Lunar Eternal Blue, and Vay.

We plan on adding Atari 2600 to the database later this week due to popular demand. Check back soon to see when we add the system that started it all in console gaming.


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