Friday, September 19, 2008

Avast! 5 Expensive Pirate Games & Bilge Rats

Today is international "Talk Like A Pirate Day". To celebrate I'm drinking lots of grog, pillaging my neighbors pantry, and writing a post about Pirate video games. The five most expensive video games with "Pirate" in the title. Plus a few extra beauties for me mates. Shiver me timbers, what a list!

Sid Meier's Pirates Live the Life - PSP

Sid Meier's Pirates Live the Life - PSPNew Price: $32 Used Price: $25
A more recent game tops the list of expensive Pirate games. Its a re-release of a PC Action/Strategy game on the PSP. The game received high review scores and is the best way to become a pirate while waiting at a bus stop.
See Current Pirates: Live the Life PSP Prices

Pirates Gold - Sega Genesis

Pirates Gold PricesUsed Price: $21 New Price: $30
A real-time strategy game released for Sega Genesis in 1993. Pirates Gold is one of the few RTS games for the Genesis and is relatively rare. Though it can be found online without much problem you won't see it at many garage sales and pawn shops.
See Current Pirates Gold Prices

Sid Meier's Pirates Live the Life - Xbox

Pirate's Live the Life Xbox PricesUsed Price: $17 New Price: $31
The same game as the #1 on our list but released for the Xbox. It is a good game for "Talk Like A Pirate" day. You get to explore, pillage, kill, and steal as the captain of your own pirate ship.
See Current Pirates: Live the Life Xbox Prices

Jetsons Invasion of the Planet Pirates - SNES

Jetson's Invasion of Planet Pirates PricesUsed Price: $14 New Price: $40
George Jetson must take on SPREE (Space Pirates Revelling in Evil Enterprises) and save the galaxy. You don't get to play as a pirate in this game, but it can be fun to stop evil pirates sometimes too.
See Current Jetson's Invasion of Planet Pirates Prices

Pirates of the Caribbean At World`s End - Wii

Pirates Caribbean World's End Wii PricesUsed Price: $12 New Price: $17
The Wii game version of the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You follow the same basic plot as the movie but with waggle controls. Pointing at screen and shakeing your wiimote is guaranteed to make you feel like a real pirate.
See Current Pirates of the Caribbean At World`s End Wii Prices

Bilge Rats of the Pirate Game Genre (Bad Pirate Games or Titles)

Peter Pan and the Pirates - NES

Peter Pan and the Pirates PricesUsed Price: $2
This game is not one of the best remembered NES games and for good reason, it is completely forgettable. If you want to see an 8-bit Tinker-Bell (and I'm sure there are guys like that out there), this is the game for you.
See Current Peter Pan and the Pirates Prices

Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates- GBA

Dinotopia The Timestone Pirates PricesUsed Price: $8
Maybe one of the best Dinotopia games. Ok, that isn't saying much. This might be a good one for your pirate/dinosaur loving kids though.
See Current Dinotopia The Timestone Pirates GBA Prices

Dora the Explorer: Pirate Pig Treasure - GBA

Dora the Explorer Pirate Pig Treasure PricesUsed Price: $9
The only Gameboy Advance game to explore the "Pirate Pig" genre. Judging by the picture, Pig Pirates are a bit more generous than human pirates.
See Current Dora the Explorer Pirate Pig Treasure GBA Prices

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mndrix said...

How about the Monkey Island games? They didn't have "pirate" in the title, but they're some of my favorite pirate games. I vividly remember Guybrush Threepwood winning pirate sword fights by talking trash. It looks like The Secret of Monkey Island for Sega CD and Escape from Monkey Island for PS2 both sell for almost $90 new.

JJ Hendricks said...

Good point about Monkey Island. They definitely would be good additions and they are quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

I was not a big fan of the money island games... I gave em a good amount of time, but I just lost interest.

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