Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NWC Gray Auction, A Radio Interview & iphone App

1990 NWC Gray
There is an auction on ebay right now for a 1990 Nintendo World Championships Gray cartridge. I'm very interested in seeing how much this game sells for compared to the Gold version. The auction started at $100, which is great. I love low starting price auctions on these really rare games. We really get to see the market price.

Interview About NWC Gold Purchase On Radio

On a side note, I am going to be interviewed tomorrow morning at 10AM EST by a radio station in Iowa about the Gold cartridge I purchased. The hosts of the show are gamers and wanted some more information about the purchase. If anyone is interested you can listen online here. It will be my first time on radio so I'm a bit nervous. It should be fun though.

iPhone App With Video Game Prices

Lastly, a website we worked with for a while ( launched an iphone app that lets you bring your video game prices with you on the go. The app is $0.99 and you can download it here. We didn't help create the application at all, but we do provide some pricing data for it. The prices are NOT the same as ours so we cannot guarantee their accuracy or even say exactly how they are determined. But we have used it for a while ourselves and think it can be very helpful while you are shopping at flea markets, garage sales, or other places away from your PC.

Right now our price charts don't work with the iphone because they don't have flash support, but we are looking into some different ways to show the charts without flash so iphone users can use all our site's features.


8bitCaged said...

Do you think that this NWC Gray will be inflated because of all the press on the Gold NWC cart?
I know people that don't play video games that know about "The game that sold for $17,500."

JJ Hendricks said...

8bitCaged - Very good question. I wouldn't be surprised if the price is higher than usual because of the press surrounding the game, even though this is the Gray version.

I wouldn't be surprised if the seller chose to sell it now for this very same reason.

Christopher said...

re: iphone app....

damnit they stole my idea :o( still, i guess there's still room for a UK price version... and I so need one that'll recognize barcodes from pics taken with the camera, then auto search the database for prices.

Auction said...

Nintendo is the best, Thanks for the article

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