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15 Rare PSP Games | The Most Expensive Playstation Portable Games

The PSP has received more than 650 games since it launched in March 2005. With nearly 10 million consoles sold in the USA the Playstation Portable had many games that sold millions of copies. But the PSP also has its fair share of rare games that are hard to find and are quite expensive. Below is a list of the rarest PSP games and what makes them so valuable.

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Most Valuable PSP Video Games

Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner

Expensive PSP Games New Price: $80 | Used Price: $28 | See Current Prices

Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner is a turn based RPG published by Atlus. You collect jewels that have trapped monsters inside. When you summon the monsters they will fight untamed monsters for you. The game is often compared to the Pokemon series.

Atlus is well known for small print runs for their games. Monster Kingdom fit the stereotypical Atlus release and is quite difficult to find at local stores. If the game increases in price much more Atlus will probably reprint it as they have done with other popular games.

Hexyz Force

Valuable PSP Games New Price: $70 | Used Price: $35 | See Current Prices

Hexyz Force is a RPG developed by Atlus. You follow the story of two different characters who try to save the world from destruction. Their stories are different but cross paths at certain points.

Hexyz Force was published in small quantities by Atlus, but was also hurt by a pre-order problem at Gamestop. Many customers who pre-ordered never received the game because of the snafu. Atlus typically sells a large percentage of their games via pre-order so this hurt sales a great deal.

Legend of Heroes II Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch

PSP Games of Value New Price: $70 | Used Price: $23 | See Current Prices

Legend of Heroes II is a role playing game published by Namco Bandai. The Legend of Heroes series has been on the NEC, Saturn, PC, and PSP but only the PSP games have been translated into English. This is actually the third game released in the series.

The Legend of Heroes series is not a popular RPG series outside of Japan so it was printed in a small quantity. Prices for Moonlight Witch more than doubled when the fourth title, Trails in the Sky, came out in 2011.

Ys I & II Chronicles

PSP Games New Price: $60 | Used Price: $36 | See Current Prices

Ys I and II Chronicles is a compilation of the first two Ys RPG's released for the Turbo Grfx CD. Prior to the PSP version's release in 2011, the game had been relased on Wii Virtual Console and Nintendo DS. The game received widespread praise in the gaming press.

The Ys compilation sold very few copies. Even with the title available on many different consoles, gamer's continue to buy the PSP version. They can play it other places, but collector's are willing to pay a premium for its rarity.

Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

Expensive PSP Games New Price: $60 | Used Price: $26 | See Current Prices

Harvest Moon Boy & Girl is a farm/life simulator published by Natsume. The Boy portion is a remake of Harvest Moon Back to Nature for PS1 and the girl version is a remake with a girl as the make character and boys she can choose to marry.

Harvest Moon titles have a very devoted following of hardcore fans. This version of the game has been released on GBA, PS1, PSP, and even Playstation Network but many fans are willing to pay a premium for the rare PSP version.

Phantasy Star Portable 2

Rare PSP Games New Price: $55 | Used Price: $33 | See Current Prices

Phantasy Star Portable 2 is a role-playing game for the PSP. It has a single player mode but emphasizes co-op local and internet play. It is the only game in the series to not require a monthly fee for online play.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 was published by Sega after moderate success from the original Phantasy Star game on PSP. The sequel sold poorly enough that Sega never brought the next game in the series, Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infitity, to the USA.

Riviera The Promised Land

Rare Playstation Portable New Price: $55 | Used Price: $17 | See Current Prices

Riviera The Promised Land is an turn based RPG from Atlus. The game has some unconvential takes on RPGs with dating sim elements and the lack of control of the main character when outside of dungeons. Riviera was originally released on WonderSwan Color in Japan and Gameboy Advance in the USA.

Like all other Atlus titles on the list, the game was printed in limited quantites to ensure it sold out. Prices for the game in loose condition are fairly reasonable. When brand new the price is much higher and has been increasing during the last year.

Crimson Gem Saga

Expensive Playstation Portable Games New Price: $49 | Used Price: $30 | See Current Prices

Crimson Saga is turn based role playing game developed in South Korea and published in the USA by Atlus. It is the sequel to Astonishia Story but with many new gameplay mechanics. The game doesn't do anything unique in the world of RPG's, but is very solid and well reviewed.

This is another Atlus published RPG. Atlus printed the game in limited quantities because it is a niche title and the original game sold very little. Atlus has not reprinted the game.

Harvest Moon: Hero of LeafValley

Rare Playstation Portable Games New Price: $40 | Used Price: $25 | See Current Prices

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley is a farm/life simulation game in the long running Harvest Moon series. You take over your grandfather's farm and must raise crops and livestock to earn a profit. The grand goal is to save the town from turning into an amusement park.

Harvest Moon is a very niche genre of farm and love simulation. You must raise crops and get girls from town to marry you. Harvest Moon generally sell very few copies but keep their value over a long time. Harvest Moon titles are some of the most expensive games for SNES and N64.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

Rarest PSP Games New Price: $35 | Used Price: $27 | See Current Prices

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact is a fighting game for the PSP. You play as different characters from the Naruto series, each with unique abilities and moves. Ultimate Ninja Impact is the 6th Naruto game for the PSP and most likely the last.

The game sold modestly in the USA. It is the last title in the series for the PSP so it is still in high demand from Naruto fans.

Other Expensive Playstation Portable (PSP) Games

Expensive Limited Edition PSP Games

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The list is ranked by the highest average new price and then highest average used price in the event of a tie.

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Christopher said...

JJ, where do you get all your released game data from? Ie. all the names of the games for a system?

I'm guessing you just use a catalogue of games and UPCs from somewhere (sony, third party or whoever) and just merge it in to your own list, and use the UPCs for eBay/amazon/etc scraping? Oh if only it were that easy in the UK :( Can't be that easy for the retro stuff though?

JJ Hendricks said...

For new releases it is pretty easy to get the data by following the new release schedules that multiple sites put out. We manually add every game that releases during the week and start tracking the prices.

The UPC and Amazon identifiers are very easy to find with this data and then we gather the publisher, genre, MSRP, release date, etc to fill in the database as well.

The older data is quite a bit harder and more time consuming.

Don't ebay and Amazon UK have UPC data or some other unique identifier?

Christopher said...

re: eBay / Amazon UK having UPCs...

nope. :( Amazon just seem to have ASINs, eBay have nothing other than whatever a user decides to add as a listing title, and some other basic search options than aren't nearly as good asthe .com ones (eg. no searchable quality, just "new" or "all").

so manually adding things for me means figuring out a decent eBay search string for each item. which takes forever :( Nice to know you're manually adding things too though... I guess one day I really could have the tens of thousands you have :)

oh btw, heads up if you've not already noticed:

#250469343691 on ebay

Nintendo World Championships grey, sticker ripped off, found after I saw that article on the "every nes game ever being sold" (you don't know what that sold for do you?), this is being sold by the same guy, currently $4000 bin with offers.

JJ Hendricks said...

The person selling that NWC cartridge has been listing it every month for about 6 months now. His asking price is way too high for a game without the front sticker. Pristine condition cartridges sell for $5,000-5,200.

PSP Perth said...

"History Channel Great Battles of Rome" is a very nostalgic status for a PSP console game.
I honestly had no idea guys got into games like that so heavily, or as a collection.
Although I can see the relation as I was never a big fan of flight simulations and yet when I played "Flight Simulator" for the Amiga 500 I was hooked like everyone else.
I can only guess it was a another boon to man's great technological advance into the skies.

Anonymous said...

Why is money only in dollars and not another?

Anonymous said...

Because VGPC only monitors American sales, so the money is measured in dollars. If you want to know what the US price is measured in another currency, you could use an internet tool for that. If you want to know what the PAL price is for a game, you'll just have to look at completed listings on the UK version of eBay.

Anonymous said...

wheres Persona new that game is already worth $50 new and Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together Premium Edition,

Anonymous said...

where is Harvest Moon Boy and Girl for PSP that game is worth $80 new by itself

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - Harvest Moon PSP just missed this list. It sells for about $20 in used condition, which is too low to qualify for this list.

Anonymous said...

Is History Channel Great Battles of Rome rare? I know it's not that expensive no more. I picked it up today for £4.99 from one of my local pawn shops. I grabbed it because I saw this article lol.

JJ Hendricks said...

@anonymous - It is definitely not as rare or expensive as it once was, but still sells for a pretty decent premium to the 4.99 you paid.

Dave W said...

PSP2 is going to be a hot title, if it isn't considered one already. Sold out online VERY fast and Gamestops, the only chain to get it, got 1 copy per store + preorders. Really hard to get + legacy franchise = possibly takes the top spot a year from now.

Anonymous said...

I have an odd PSP game and I have no idea what it is worth. Socom Tactical Strike that I bought brand new and never opened. It has a misprinted label with a ESRB rating of C (Early Childhood. The folks at the store later said that it was recalled due to the label.
Has anyone ever seen this before?

Unknown said...

What about Tales of Eternia? Why it is not listed on Price Charting?

JJ said...

@jason - Tales of Eternia never came out in the USA for PSP. It was a Japan and Europe release.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have a list of all the psp games and movies that come in the small sleeve, I guess most of these are NFR.

Anonymous said...

These are the only ones I can come up with in the cardboard sleeve as being bundled items primarily in Entertainment pack bundles.

Unknown said...

You know you can just use a emulator right? It will no longer be rare lmao

TheCollector said...

Just wanted to know about the game called Battle Royal. Which was released only in India. Never seen a physical copy of the game but heard a lot about it recently. Wanted to know if anyone has heard about it or owns a copy of the game and the price for the same.

JJ said...

@TheCollector - I've never heard about Battle Royale. I can find some cover art for it online but no other info about it really. If someone does own a copy I'd love to hear about it too and see a photo so I know it exists.

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