Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy "Lowest Game Prices Week"

Historically, a day during the second week of November has the lowest used game prices of the whole year. The exact day shifts around from year to year so I can't say exactly which day it will be this year. So I making the whole week a holiday and calling it "Lowest Game Prices Week".

Price usually follow a trend similar to this:
Used Prices During the Year
Prices drop at the beginning of the year
Hold steady during the summer months
Drop a little more in October and early November
And then spike up in late November and December

This week is the best time to buy used games during the whole year so celebrate the holiday by treating yourself to a classic you've never played before. Or buy those Christmas presents now before the prices start going back up.

I'm waiting to hear back from Hallmark on making some greeting cards for the occasion but haven't received a call back yet. Hopefully by next year Hallmark will officially celebrate it. If there can be an International Magic Week, there can be a "Lowest Game Prices Week".


JAKE said...

Here's how my greeting card would read: If it's low prices you seek, then here's the chance to whet your beak. (open card) Let me be the first to wish you Happy "Lowest Game Prices Week!"

JJ Hendricks said...

Jake - You should write cards for Hallmark. That sounds exactly like a card they would make.

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