Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Halo 3 ODST Decreased in Value Before May 3

May 3rd has come and gone, the Halo Reach Beta has launched (which we've played extensively), and Halo 3 ODST has decided not to increase in value. That's right, our prediction about Halo 3 ODST was incorrect.

Back in February we made a prediction that Halo 3 ODST would increase in value leading up to the Halo Reach Beta because people would want to try it out, and owning ODST was the easiest way to get in the Beta. As it turns out, everyone interested in the Beta must have already purchased ODST back when it released in 2009.

Standard decrease?

As you can see here ODST now holds a value of $28. It was $31 back in February. That's a decrease of $3. So there you have it.

As for the Halo Reach Beta, if you have any specific questions about it, please post them in the comments below. I will do my best to answer any questions you guys may have.


Bruce said...

My guess to why halo odst didnt increase in value is becuase people seem to have a love it / hate it attitude towards halo. either they were already excited about odst and bought it early regardless of the included demo or they really didnt care much and the demo of halo reach wasnt enough to justify a purchase.

Scott said...

There is also a flood of Halo ODST on the market with the new elite Spring bundle.

JJ Hendricks said...

Bruce and Scott - great theories about the price decrease. I think most Halo fans did probably buy Halo ODST when it first came out and a big increase in supply of the game would help decrease the price.

I do have a Halo Reach question for you Travis. What is the biggest difference, if any, between Halo Reach multi-player and the previous Halo's multi-player?

Anonymous said...

Me personally, I felt like there were adequate supplies of the game available, both new and used, to keep the price in line. I personally own a Collector's Edition of Halo 3: ODST from launch day and I have hardly touched it. The beta never really interested me, but I know some of my Xbox Live friends are addicted to it.

Travis Hendricks said...

@JJ, the biggest difference, by far, is the new loadout options. It's very similar to Call of Duty that lets you choose different attributes of your character before each match. The beta only has preset loadouts but you will supposedly be able to make your own in the retail version.

The biggest aspect of the loadouts though is the new upgrades such as armor, sprint, camo, etc. These are upgrades you can add to your suit that you never lose. So it's not like the items in Halo 3 that are one time use.

Also, there are health packs again like in Halo: Combat Evolved. I personally don't like that part. I've really grown to love not having to refill my health.

@Bruce & Scott, those are pretty solid predictions. The fact that there were so many copies sold initially probably helps keep the value reasonable. I also think Halo is losing some of its spark with Call of Duty being the "game to beat" these days.

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