Monday, May 3, 2010

NBA 2 Ball | Rare Game for Playstation 1

NBA 2 Ball Cover PS1
As I mentioned in an earlier post, a reader on VGPC found a NBA 2 Ball demo disc for the original Playstation 1. This is only the fourth disc known to exist!

The game was given out at the 1998 NBA All Star game as part of the festivities. Some sites have claimed that 500 to 1,000 copies were given out but so far only four are known to exist. Two of which have black sleeves and two of which have white sleeves.

The reader who has this game (and is selling it on ebay right now) bought it from a friend for $5. The friend's father received the PS1 demo disc by winning the slam dunk contest at the NBA All-star game fan festivities.

This version is a white sleeve and the only other white sleeve is owned by one of the programmers of the game. The other two black sleeve copies are owned by the same game collector, Jason Dvorak.

How many are NBA 2 Ball Discs Are There?

The big question for any collector interested in this item is "how many are there really?" If thousands of copies were given out at the game there would probably be more than four verified to still exist. So maybe only a few of the games were given out to people and the item is really rare.

Or there are hundreds of these discs in people's PS1 game collections just waiting to hit the market and the price will plummet.

I'm sure a few more copies will surface after this auction closes (like they always do), but how many? If you think only a few exist than the $320 current bid is probably a bargain. But if thousands exist the game is probably only worth $15-20.

NBA 2 Ball Playstation Images

NBA 2 Ball Playstation Back Cover
NBA 2 Ball PS1 Disc


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