Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another New Music Machine 2600

Sealed Music Machine
There is a Music Machine for Atari 2600 auction on ebay. The rare game sold for $5,250 last time it sold in November 2009 and bidding on this auction is already at $1,050.

One word of caution for potential buyers of this game. It looks like the seller has multiple sealed copies of Music Machine for Atari 2600. Here is a picture from the auction.
Lots of Sealed Music Machine Games
The game sold for so much the first time because it was super rare to find a sealed copy, but if this seller found a box of these somewhere there might be another three coming up for auction at some point and potentially even more.


mndrix said...

Looking at the seller's personal listing page, I wonder if the image of 4 Music Machine games is actually a composite showing all 4 edges of one cartridge.

JJ Hendricks said...

@mndrix - that might be right. But all four sides look to be the same length and the game isn't a square so two of the sides should be different lengths. Unless he scaled those images, in which case the fonts would be a bit small.

I will ask the seller and get some clarification.

Anonymous said...

On the ebay article itself he mentions he got it from when he worked at the company, and kept this one as a souvenir, no box of countless copies.

Also, its the same game, all 4 angles. You'll notice 2 of them are extra high, different copies would all have the same length. The 2 short sides are extra high because they're zoomed in and magnified to have the same length.

Anonymous said...

This seller only has one cartridge. The picture is a composite of the 4 different sides of the box.

JJ Hendricks said...

Yep, you guys are right. The image is a composite of the four sides. He does not have multiple copies so the game isn't suddenly uncommon.

Thank you everyone for correcting me.

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