Friday, September 17, 2010

Nintendo World Championships Gray Auction

A seller on ebay has a Nintendo World Championships Gray up for auction (number 132 for those who like to keep track). Bidding is at $255 right now so it is still a bargain.

Expect bidding to close around $4,000-5,000, which is the usual price for these over the last few years.

The seller only has three feedback but they are all positive. If you win this, be sure to pay with an escrow service just in case.


Anonymous said...

Listing has been removed

Anonymous said...

It's gone.

GamesOgre said...

Yup, the second and third photos were tiny, and the description itself seemed questionable. I'm guessing enough people figured it was a fraud to ask eBay to remove it.

JJ Hendricks said...

About an hour after posting this article, the auction was closed and then the seller contacted me asking if I was interested in buying it directly.

Not sure why it was closed (ebay or the seller). I can't recall seeing pictures of NWC 132 on the internet before, so I'm pretty sure the seller did have the item.

Has anyone else seen pictures of NWC 132 prior to this auction?

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