Monday, January 31, 2011

Stronghold 2600 Auction

Stronghold 2600 Cartridge rates Stronghold for 2600 as a 9 on their rarity scale and we have only seen the item up for sale once in the last 9 months.

The game is up for sale on ebay right now with a reasonable starting price of $75.

The last Stonghold auction we recorded ended at $103 and change so the game is a pretty good bargain as far as rare Atari games go.


Anonymous said...

Strange that such a rare game would be worth so little.

Anonymous said...

Assault for the 2600, is also rated 9 on atariage
and it went for $130 on ebay awhile ago, you think these rare atari games would be worth more cause of there age and rareness

CCC said...

My personal opinion about these games is the basis on what makes prices rise: rarity and playability. Atari is on the short-end of the stick as far as playability in my opinion, but I was raised in the NES age (80's). I think that rare used/open atari games are priced correctly based on my opinions, but sealed/new should be pretty high.

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