Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dead Space Ultra Is More Popular After Dead Space 2

Previously on this blog I had written about Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition being a very expensive collector's item, and the most expensive Xbox 360 game.

The game has only become more expensive over the last year and interest has spiked with the recent launch of Dead Space 2 on January 25th, 2011. Dead Space Ultra last sold for $699 in used condition compared to $214 February 2010.

There is an auction on ebay right now for a brand new copy with bidding over $1,000. And there have been three sales in the last week with prices $1,400 or more:

January 30th - $1,427
January 30th - $1,399
January 27th - $2,995

With prices like these Dead Space Ultra will give Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition on PS3 a good run as the most expensive current generation video game.


Anonymous said...

If I had listened to you that last few times you recommended getting one of these collections and then sold it later I would have a pretty penny right now.

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